The country's emerald sector is going through a good moment and was reflected in its closing of 2015 with a 27% increase in exports and according to data provided by the National Mining Agency (ANM) and the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The Emeralds accounted for 14% of the production of non-metallic minerals and about 2.4% of mining GDP. Likewise, the entity says that if the mining industry recovers, the sector's GDP could reach 3%, increasing the country's growth to 3.5%. Oscar Baquero, President of the National Federation of Emeralds of Colombia (Fedesmeraldas), explained that "geological-mining potential is the essential element to attract the attention of entrepreneurs, the expected profitability of an investment depends also on factors such as the geological- Mining, infrastructure, tax environment, legal conditions and stability. 

The sector has had growth rates higher than those presented by other productive segments such as manufacturing, energy, personal services, agriculture, forestry and fishing, which has led to a sustained increase in the value of exports, thus contributing to the rise Of its share of the country's total sales. According to the latest figures released by the Colombian Mining Information System (Simco), the production of emeralds reached 2,167.11 million carats in 2015, up 15% compared to 2014, which was 1,551,549 carats.

Finally, Baquero said that this growth is also due to the result of the work that has been developed to achieve the mining formalization, seeking the implementation of good practices and compliance with the highest standards, which generates confidence for investors and recognition in National and international markets.


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