The Importance of the Four C’s  

As you probably know already from other articles on our site, we encourage readers to learn about the importance of the 4 c’s when purchasing diamonds. Though we use the same 4 c’s for emeralds, we give greater or lesser weight to each one, according to its particular significance when assessing emeralds.



Let’s take a look at each one, in order of importance.


Without a question, color is by far the most meaningful of the 4 c’s. What captivates you right away when you see an emerald is undoubtedly its color — either a vibrant, passionate color or a dull, limp color — or possibly somewhere in between.

Just as we explained in our article about fancy color diamonds, color is really broken up into three categories: hue, tone, and saturation. Hue means the type of green color the emerald has, for example, yellowish green or bluish green. Most emeralds on the market today are Colombian, and most Colombian emeralds are bluish green.

Emerald Tone

The tone of the emerald classifies the stone in terms of light and dark. Natural emeralds fall somewhere in the spectrum between Very Light and Very Dark. Most people mistakenly assume that they should choose emeralds of medium to very dark tone because they believe that the darker the tone, the better. But this is not necessarily true. What is just as important to the look of the emerald is its saturation.

Emerald Saturation

This is what gives the color its intensity and strength. Saturation can range from dull to pure vivid. So if, for example, a medium dark stone has a boring, dull saturation, you probably won’t get too excited about it. But if you find a light green emerald sparkling with vivid saturation, your eyes are much more likely to be drawn to it — and you may like the lighter tone, as well.

Bottom Line

The bottom line to remember here is that the darker tonal and higher saturation grades will usually result in a higher price tag, but that doesn’t mean that you might not find an emerald breathtakingly beautiful slightly below this range.

Often customers are shocked to find out that the emerald they fall in love with is actually one with light tone but with good saturation. They might say something like, “I’ve never seen an emerald with this kind of intense green color before!” Of course, since color is by far the most important factor when buying emeralds, it should go without saying that you need to be able to see a high quality photo of the stone before even considering purchasing it.

GIA Classification

The GIA classifies emeralds as “type III,” which means they are almost always included. Emeralds belong to the beryl mineral family, and their inclusions result from bits of liquids, gas, and other minerals like chromium and vanadium. These inclusions are known as “jardin,” the French word for garden since the inclusions may look like branches or plant roots, but they are also what cause the stone to be that gorgeous green color.

So don’t worry, inclusions are a natural part of the character of emeralds. But you should also know that since emeralds are so heavily included, about 80-95% of the rough must be cut away to produce a gemstone, thus giving a smaller yield and a bigger pricetag.


Colombian Emeralds trading is a simple process. If you are a consumer looking to buy Colombian emeralds, you have different options depending on: Amount, Quality and Price. Buying emeralds from an international trader is simple. The customer gets in touch with the trader and arranges an appointment to see the emeralds, if the customer likes the gemstone and thinks that their price is fair enough, they will ultimately purchase. Buying emeralds with Colombian traders is a bit more complicated.

The customer contacts the merchant and arranges an appointment, the display is normally carried out in Colombia, sometimes outside Colombia as well. Both purchases have defects. The first implies that any international trader has already bought emeralds from anyone, this causes the end customer to pay much more for a given emerald. Since traders sometimes set price premiums as high as 200% the amount they originally paid, the prices of international traders are extremely over priced. International traders usually buy a certain amount of emeralds and it binds customers to buy only what is available in their stocks.

Buying emeralds from Colombian traders is a good option as far as prices are concerned. But it is an inefficient process. Since Colombian traders also have a certain number of clients they sometimes end up buying different emeralds than they originally wanted. Business trips to buy Esmeraldas can be extended quite by looking for what you want Green Bewitch offers an improved experience in price and time. Accelerating the location of the stones as desired. If you wish you can send us a request describing the emerald you want to buy by simplifying the process and save money by doing so from your location. With our visual material is more than enough to appreciate the emerald well in every detail. After that you can make the decision to travel. And buy one of the most quality emeralds in the world a certified Colombian emerald.


Please indicate the qualities of the emerald of your preference, our priority is the total satisfaction of our customers






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