The enchanting green color emerald stone is attributed to being a precious stone and considered as the birthstone for the May month. Considering the rave physical properties of this stone, it also falls under the class of precious stones. And it has to be kept in the same category of other precious stones such as sapphire, ruby and diamond.

The deep green shine and green color of emerald stone often compels people to love and desire for this stone. Thus, It enhances the curiosity of a gem buyer to gather more details of emerald gemstone.

Hence, today, we would discuss 10 interesting & fun facts related to Emerald Stone you have not heard before:

  • 1.Emerald stone is associated with the beryl family. A light green color stone is not a Jyotish Quality emerald stone rather it is generally a green beryl.
  • 2. A natural astrologically effective emerald stone must contain a few inclusions. If it has no inclusions then it would not be stated as the real emerald stone rather it is a synthetic emerald stone by all chances.
  • 3. Now a days, Jaipur is stated to be the largest emerald cutting centers in the world today.
  • 4. In ancient times, roman’s had associated this powerful stone to the planet Venus, the goddesses of love. Earlier it was said that wearing emerald blossoms love and endow strength to its wearer.
  • 5. Emerald stone is mined from various parts of the world. Brazilian, Colombian and Zambian emeralds are known to be the best quality emerald stones and display rich hues and shines.
  • 6. Emerald stone is found in only green color. The value & worth of emerald largely depend on the intensity of the color; the darker Emerald will be more expensive as compared to light green color emerald because of high demand for greener emeralds.
  • 7. In medieval times, Christain associated this precious gemstone to Lucifer the “devil”. Though, the stone was referred as “devil,” yet people used to think that this stone radiates positive influence and believed that wearing this stone would bring raised honesty levels, wisdom, and love. 8. As per Indian astrology, Emerald is associated with the planet Mercury, which is known as “prince” among all other heavenly planets. Mercury signifies wisdom, love, intellect, honesty and self-concentration in the life of every individual.
  • 9. The Mystic Johannes van Ruusbroec (1293-1381 A.C.) announced that this green stone was, indeed the holy spirit of Jesus.
  • 10. Nero, the emperor, was said to watch gladiator matches through this stone.


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